This is a MANDATORY wallet update. Please update before Block Height 12800. Make sure you upload all your seednodes and masternodes! The main Pools have already updated the wallets. Other pools will need to update their wallets to avoid a fork.

We will be deploying the update on Block Height 12800. This will be approximately around ~3-4PM EST on Monday June 4th. We will add 750 REEF to the next 7800 blocks so that it will cover the missing 750 REEF from Block Rewards from Block Height 5001-12800. From there on, everything will go back to normal of 5000 REEF per block.

Block Height 12801-13800 will have Block Rewards of 5750 REEF | 85% POW = 4887.50 REEF | 15% MN = 862.50 REEF
Block Height 13801-20600 will have Block Rewards of 5175 REEF (10% Dev = 575 REEF) | 85% POW = 4398.75 REEF | 15% MN = 776.25 REEF
Block Height 20601-50000 will have Block Rewards of 4500 REEF (10% Dev = 500 REEF) | 85% POW = 4250 REEF | 15% MN = 750

Dev. Charity Fund will start at Block Height 13800 which will be 10% of Block Reward.

Every 100 Blocks Dev. Charity Fund will be generated and sent to the Official Address:


Please download the latest wallets here:

ReefCoin v1.2.0 Neptune

Please note there is no need to delete your ReefCore Folder. All you need to do is download the latest wallet!


We currently have about 85% done! A very BIG thanks to @-Dwigt- for powerhousing through these swaps! We could not have done this without him! We will be releasing an audit if you did not receive the correct amount of REEF that you had or if you had multiple wallets. Please be patient, we are working as hard and fast as we can.

Thanks @everyone for your continued support! Please make sure you download the latest wallets and update your SeedNodes and MasterNodes!