Hello Reefers!

First and foremost we would like to thank you @ReefNode Shareholders for being apart of our Shared MasterNode Program as we now have over 20+ SharedMN ONLINE!

We are raising funds by selling off our FIRST 5 ReefNodes (MasterNodes)!

We are in need of funds for Exchange Listing as well as MasterNode.Online as well as other development funds for ReefCoin

Keep in mind that after block 50,000+ it will be 75% PoW and 25% MN! That means you will receive more bang for your buck from having Masternodes!

There will be 100 Seats Available for each ReefNode, each seat will cost .005 BTC.

Please use the form below to enter into our SharedMN Program!

If you would like to purchase a WHOLE MasterNode please message me directly or email tom@reefcoin.io!

SharedMN Form:

Please only send BTC to the following address to:


You may host your own VPS/Masternode or we can host it for your for 2.5% fee (Includes VPS/Setup and Maintenance)

Keep On Reefing @everyone! Thank you so much for your support!